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Supervision provides insight into your work which can be a heavy load to carry alone. Supervision helps improve emotional intelligence this in turn improves self awareness and increases motivation looking at strategies for improvements or changes in your  work and life. By increasingly  self-awareness this brings different perspectives surrounding your work, how staff present themselves in the work place and with people you work with.

Are you listening to and dealing with other peoples sensitive, confidential and complex issues in their lives? Supervision provides a safe confidential place to explore any issues  within your work place and this may extend to your home life too; as work can have an impact on your personal life, as can your personal life have an impact on your work. Supervision can help you find a better home and work balance leading to a more fulfilling life.

People can sometimes feel unsupported within their workloads,  they are continuously being pushed to reach targets, being stretched to their limits. Stress and anxiety can lead to burnout. Supervision provides extra support that holds a person through difficult times and situations. This alone reduces stress and anxiety therefore avoiding burnout increasing your job performance and motivation.

Research has shown that non-counselling professions can gain from clinical supervision too.

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